Blue Letter Day

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She was the one
She was a pile of heavy desire
I took her hand
I swore I’d never let go

We made love on fire
laid on the floor and
laughed at the rain
just when I thought
November had forgotten my name

Down by the sea
A dark horse prancing in the sun
out on the beach
not reigned in my anyone

We made love on fire
stood on the bridge
and kissed in the rain
just when I thought the angels
had forgotten my name

You hypnotized me
Now this is my blue letter day
hypnotized me
now this my blue letter day

We stood at the cross
she went south
and I went west
what get’s lost
when love is thicker
than common sense?

We made love on fire
cursed by the moon
and lost in the rain
go your way
but please
remember my name






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