Jesus' Favorite Dress

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The warm light of a liquor store

glowing neon red

the warm sound of the traffic

through the window by my bed

I ran my fingers through my hair

and stumbled down the stairs


I saw a girl on a corner

in a beat up summer dress

she was shouting at the crowd

the crowd was not impressed

nobody listened to her message

singing, swaying, ranting, raving


Enter into the Kingdom and be blessed

the good book has a tonic for your stress

she shook her fist in the air

and then she said a prayer for our salvation

she was wearing Jesus’ favorite dress


The old guy in the doorway

took a sip from his best friend

just him and a bottle

and a building that’s condemned

propped up on his elbow with no schedule or itinerary…

the cops in this town

are heating dimes with cigarettes

and when they’re hot they throw them to

the people god forgets

and when they get home to the their

wife and kids they read the evening paper



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