Loretta In Laredo


Lucy needs a part to make her Apache pickup run
Kate is singing songs about the rain
now and then a Greyhound bus comes rolling down the road
but Loretta isn't coming back again

I left Loretta in Laredo
by the neon Jesus sign
you can take that rusty halo
and roll it down that thin white line

She was always searching for a glimpse of something real
a way that she could be in the world
hippie beads and meditation didn't fit so well
she was not a transcendental girl

She first saw him on the tv on a Sunday show
beamed in from another broadcast zone
he told he could save her if she could pass Jesus' test
she sent a hundred dollars by the phone

(repeat chorus)

He was wired into angels, covered in white light
he looked a bit like Elvis from the side
reading from a teleprompter, swaying to the right
he was helping Jesus to save lives

    Soon she needed spiritual infusion every day
his tv church was in the Lone Star state
the last time that I saw her she was headed down the road
in a car with California plates

(repeat chorus)

Every Sunday Loretta had a date with her tv
he came on right after Meet the Press
she wore her favorite polka dot and rhinestone summer dress
'cause it's the one that Jesus liked the best

There's cobwebs on the swingset
and nobody sweeps the porch
the gravel road is baking in the sun
the weeping willow in the yard whispers in the breeze
and none of this is seen by anyone

I lost Loretta in Laredo
by the neon Jesus sign
they may all be friends of Jesus
I'm not sure they're friends of mine

Don't look for Jesus on the tv
don't let the tv steal your voice
and don't ever go to Texas
unless you have no other choice





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