Valentine #2

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You are not bounded by seams
and there is a heart in your chest
I’ll paint the best words I have in the sky
and they’ll fall down on your fields of grass
all of this whiskey might make me a fool
but I’m writing tonight from my favorite bar stool
I know every crack in your vase
I know every crack your vase
but I can’ afford any roses
so this is your valentine

The Ghost of Hank Williams is lost
the southland is closed for the night
steel guitar strains are falling like rain
from a dashboard on interstate 5
Hank paid his fare
took his seat on the bus
before all the drugs
he was just one of us
I dreamed he was dancing with you
in dreams I am dancing with you
he’s half lit and drinking God’s whiskey
and filling out valentines

Some songs don’t need any lines
words disappear in the air
it’s a song you can hum
while you bang on your drum
or at night after saying your prayers
so sing it out loud and forget that your poor
and dance around your tambourine on the floor
the heart in my chest isn’t mine
the heart in my chest isn’t mine
but I can’t afford any roses
so this is your valentine






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