JD Devros to Missouri Hall of Fame?
JD Devros to Missouri Hall of Fame?

According to sources in St. Louis, JD Devros will soon replace recently inducted Rush Limbaugh in the Missouri Hall of Fame.  The disgraced talk radio host show was selected before his most recent controversial statements, and the MHF selection committee is searching for a replacement.  A bronze bust is reportedly being created in the likeness of Devros, and will replace the Limbaugh bust, which is being donated to Planned Parenthood to be melted in effigy.

Devros is the legendary guitarist for Big Medicine Head and The Band Formerly Known As The Flatcars. When contacted at his home in Portland for comment Devros was appreciative and humbled, although somewhat confused: "I'm not from Missouri", he said.

This is, of course, true. JD's hometown is Belleville, Illinois, a town several miles east of East St. Louis. The Missouri Hall of Fame issued this statement: "We cannot confirm reports that Mr. Devros is being considered for induction, but if that were the case, a waiver would be granted which would mitigate the issue surrounding his actual birthplace. We know for a fact that Mr. Devros has visited our state."




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