Loretta In Laredo is released!
Loretta In Laredo is released!

The second single fromThe Handsome Years hits the shelves!

That's it, people: Big Medicine Head has released Loretta In Laredo. Loretta continues a thread that began on the first Big Medicine Head album Rex Hotel  - a contemplation of American culture through the lens of modern evangelism. It's something of a bookend to the first single from The Handsome Years, Prayer Shack.

One day Bruce Rockwell came to Bob Gemmell with a song title and a couple chords. Bruce said," The song is about a girl named Loretta in Laredo. I don't think she's a native of Laredo. I think she got left there."  Bob replied, "Clearly this is about a young woman who is living a normal life in an idyllic small farm town on the north coast of Caifornia, who finds herself in the middle of the all-too-common American cautionary struggle of a person who is spiritually seduced by televangelism broadcast out of Texas; she must get to Texas at all costs",  to which Bruce replied, "Clearly." 

JeffyD observed that this was not just a country song - this was to be the sound of Hank Williams channeled through the Waterboys. Bob plays mandolin, banjo, and guitar. JD Devros kicked in a great dobro solo and bass guitar, JeffyD played drums, and Johnny McGuire floats above it all, infusing the track with remote soul.

And there you have it: the genesis of the song. We hope you like it. We've been doing this since before sons were a twinkle in Mumford's eye.

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