Lucky Dog Studios a Landmark
Lucky Dog Studios a Landmark

Lucky Dog Studios has been placed in the Eugene Historic Homes Registry. The studio, known as a world class recording hideaway for European artists seeking to escape the distractions of Paris and London, is located in a bungalow in Eugene. The structure has been designated an architectual marvel by the Eugene Historical Society, and reflective of "a simpler time in Oregon, before our small town became a haven for reprobates and scofflaws".

Apparently this designation came as a surprise to studio maven, architect, and resident Lucky Dog sound engineer Jeff Davis. He recently woke at three am to find a group of people that he did not know in his living room. Shaken, he asked who they were; he discovered that they were a Eugene Historical Society tour group that was visiting sites in the historic registry, and were behind schedule. Davis attempted to persuade them to leave, but in the end simply went back to bed, after showing his unexpected guests where to find the snack drawer and fresh towels.



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