Big Medicine Head Newsletter Vol. 11

The Big Medicine Head 2015 Summer Love-Off is Upon Us!
Flowers are blooming, school is out, and the smell of cut grass pervades as the baseball season picks up locomotion. We embrace  the season for none of these pleasant realities. We tremble with hopeful anticipation this summer for one reason and one reason only: The Big Medicine Head Summer Love-Off is just around the corner.
For the uninitiated, the Summer Love Off is the annual west coast tour for BMH. Think of it as a rolling boxcar of mirth, unapologetic affection, and vibrating American guitar strings.

Whale City   Davenport, CA August 13
The Rellik Benicia, CA August 14
Bar 101 Roseville, CA August 15

Big Medicine Head Fan of the Month: Pablo!
Young Pablo discovered BMH on a recent visit to the Northwest, and has locked into the heavy BMH groove. His insatiable thirst for all things BMH has led him to iTunes, where he has invested the money he earned from mowing lawns to purchase BMH songs.

Pablo is almost 12. His teachers have run out of superlatives to describe his academic achievement and social influence, and can only express themselves with the phrase "Pablo, Wow!" The catch phrase has caught on in the Southwest, and on freeway overpasses, alley walls, and anywhere else graffiti can be sprayed one might observe the tag "Pablo, Wow!".

Pablo loves soccer, basketball, baseball, listening to music, pizza, paella, Civil War history, playing piano and...Big Medicine Head! 





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