Big Medicine Head Newsletter Vol. 4
Big Medicine Head Newsletter Vol. 4

Big Medicine Head Video Stirs Controversy

A recently released Big Medicine Head song has generated a backlash among at least one chapter of the Tea Party.  A spokesman for the Tea Party God and Guns Coalition has taken to the airwaves with a harsh rebuke of what the organization considers "anti-Jesus and anti-American propoganda". The subject of conservatiive rage is Prayer Shack, the first single from the upcoming album The Handsome Years. The song features televangelist personalities, as well as appearances by conservative icons such as Rush Limbaugh. 

Reached for comment, Big Medicine Head singer and songwriter Robert Gemmell expressed surprise at the controversy: "What's not to like?  It's got a good beat. Plus, JD Devros' solo is awesome."

In the Tea Party monthly newsletter Towering Intellect,  a petition has been circulated to boycott Big Medicine Head products, which can be found at ITunes , Amazon , and many other online markets. It can aso be streamed for free in the BMH website Songs section, or  the video page here.

Big Medicine Head fans are pushing back. BMH Northwest Fan Club president Barbara Lawrence-Piecuch  has countered with a petition to ban Tea Party items across the board. This includes all publications of Alice in Wonderland, the Portland, Oregon Japanese Garden's Tea House, and those little ceramic figurines found in boxes of Red Rose brand tea.


New Feature: Highlighted tracks from the BMH catalog

As we wait for the release of The Handsome Years, tracks from our catalog will be featured as Song of the Month selections. The January Song of the Month is...

Darling One

Robert Gemmell: "Darling One was written for my god-daughter, Nediva. The song is about Saturdays spent together, and the distances that love can travel. Effortlessly".

It was featured on BMH's second album, The Queen of the Western Hemisphere.

January Fan of the Month is Selected!

Amy Johnson and Kelly Farris have won this honor - click here to find out why!

Jeffy D Finally Succumbs to Wantonness and Addiction

Jeffy D, BMH drummer and co-founder of Sterno Bums International, has led a life marked by moral and physical purity. While other members of the band have at times given themselves over to excess, Jeffy has resisted the lure of drugs and alcohol, and anything that could lead to addiction. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The introduction of caffeine to Jeffy's life during a trip to Sacramento  led to the purchase of the espresso machine pictured here. That's Jeffy D's shaking hand attempting to generate foam for one more in a never ending string of breve lattes and lies.

Jeffy is now texting and blogging at all hours of the day. Comment on the BMH website if you think an intervention should be on the horizon for young Jeffy D. 

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