Big Medicine Head Newsletter Vol. 6
Big Medicine Head Newsletter Vol. 6

Summer Love-Off Report

Gigs in Santa Cruz, Benicia, and an appearance on KPIG radio highlight the 2013 Big Medicine Summer Love Off

The Big Medicine Head 2013 Summer Love-Off went down, people, and it was beautiful. A healthy mix of paisley, testosterone, and libation permeated the warm summer evenings in Benicia and Santa Cruz. BMH provided the soundtrack to a week of jangling exuberance and soulful excess. A soft halcyon mist sifted it's way among spirited revelers in the historic community of downtown Benicia, and snaked like a conga line all the way to Froggy's Pub, sweat-bathed in delta warmth in the summer creekside burgh of Soquel. Cowboys danced with poets; love bloomed like sparklers. 

Check it out, buckaroos and buckarettes: it was Burning Man, a summer regatta dance at Martha's Vineyard, and a beer soaked telecaster twang honky tonk hoedown, all rolled up. In the end, as the six-string strains of summer receded, young lovers wandered off into the night, their heads and hearts filled with the stirring refrain of unapologetic mirth and tenderness that is the Big Medicine Head Summer Love-Off.

And it's all going down again next summer.

Hobo released!

New album is available now!

Hobo is the third album from Big Medicine Head. It features previously unreleased material and songs that have long been unavailable in the CD format. Look for it soon as a digital distribution.

Hobo features the tandem production of The Sterno Bums and JeffyD with Jared Williams, who also performs on the album.

In some ways Hobo can be thought of as "The Best of Big Medicine Head", only better. 

Contact to order your copy of the limited initial pressing.

Special Indian Summer gig at The Crepe Place is announced!

An all acoustic lineup featuring members of Big Medicine Head will be doing a set at Santa Cruz' hottest venue on Friday September 13th. Bob Gemmell, Johnny Mcguire, and Bruce Rockwell will be joined by Dave Murray, Danny Weiser, and Laura Burian in a spirited interpretation of the Big Medicine Head catalog. Tracks from Hobo will be featured, along with some surprises from the long rumored fourth BMH album, The Handsome Years. The Crepe Place is a premium joint, especially for national touring rock bands and singer/songwriter  acts.

As a special bonus, you get to have a voice in creating our set list! Simply use the comments section of and tell us what you want us to play. We'll try to accomodate.

Big Medicine Head @ KPIG

We'd like to extend a hearty thank you to Sleepy John and the fine staff at KPIG for letting us invade the airwaves during Summer Love-Off week, and especially extend our appreciation to Richard Stockton for his warmth and humor.






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