View the Big Medicine Head experience through the lens of various photographers

2010 BMH Summer Love Off - Sacramento

BMH burned down the Globe Mills at the first annual Summer Love-Off

2011 BMH Summer Love Off - Portland

Photos from the annual BMH summer event

2012 Summer Love Off - Sacramento

The 2012 Summer Love Off - Sacramento

2012 Summer Love Off - Santa Cruz

The 2012 Summer Love Off - Santa Cruz - Big Medicine Head returns to Froggy's!

2013 Summer Love-Off
2014 Summer Love-Off
2015 Summer Love-Off
At the Rail Yard

Trains are cool.

BMH Archives

BMH has nothing if not humility. The band graciously offers up these photos, some of which are not flattering. Warning: There Will Be Pouting.


Members of Big Medicine Head and friends perform live in the studio on Sleepy John's show on KPIG radio: Bob Gemmell, Laura Burian, Johnny McGuire, Dave Murray, Danny Weiser and Isabella and Nediva Kressman (The Pacific Grove Soul Sisters)



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